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Episode 2:  I worry that democracy is in danger. What do I do now?
What is the energy we experience when we “wake up” politically?  Where does it come from? What do we call it?  How do we work with it and live with it for the long haul?

Part 1:   Interview with Shannon Bradley, Cardiff, California, who has decided to leave her professional job to volunteer full-time turning out the vote in Fall 2018.

Part 2:  Dr. Shirley Moody-Turner (English; Pennsylvania State University) on what the life of Anna Julia Cooper can teach us about lifetime activism, change, and resilience; Professor Kim Bassford (Film Studies; U Hawaii—Windward Campus) on what the life of Patsy Mink, who became the first woman of color elected to Congress in 1964 (the same year Anna Julia Cooper died) can teach us about lifetime activism, change, and resilience; Professor Regis Fox (English; Grand Valley State University) on what African-American women writers can teach us about the horizons of political activism and how to walk the long walk to democracy.

Part 3:  Conversation.

Thank you to our cross-promotional partners, University Press of Florida (@floridapress), publishers of Regis Fox's book, Resistance Reimagined:  Black Women's Critical Thought as Survival.

And to the great, powerful, and venerable Women Make Movies, distributors of Kim Bassford's Patsy Mink: Ahead of the Majority.  (Get your copy here!) Women Make Movies was established in 1972 with the specific mission of training women to become film and video makers.  Since then, it has trained, supported, promoted, and distributed thousands of women filmmakers.  Learn more at their website.