Episode 7:  I always vote and I always will, but I’m worried about the integrity and impact of the vote.

What if we’re thinking about elections all wrong?  Does worrying about fraud, bots, and Facebook get to the heart of strengthening democracy? What does it really mean to protect elections? Beyond the numbers games, and the winners, and losers, what’s at stake in getting out the vote?

Part 1:  Interview with Emily Socolov, Austin, Texas, voter registration volunteer and election protection worker on how her experience shapes her view of why voting matters and how to keep it safe.

Part 2:  Professor Alison Kanosky (American Studies, California State University Fullerton) on how concerns about safety and security impact our democracy; Professor Pippa Holloway (History, Middle Tennessee State University) on histories of voter enfranchisement and disfranchisement; Professor Honoree Jeffers (English, University of Oklahoma) on a poet’s view of voter mobilization in African-American communities and what it teaches us about democracy.

Part 3:  Conversation.

Thank you to our cross-promotional partner Oxford University Press (@OUPHistory), publisher of Pippa Holloway, Living in Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship (2013).