Episode 3: Yes, #metoo and #believesurvivors but where do we go from here?
In the wake of the Kavanaugh nomination and hearings, what now?  Where do we go next to address the issues #metoo and #believesurvivors have surfaced?  What can we learn from our histories—individual and collective, and how do we move into a new relationship with the reality of pervasive sexual harassment, humiliation, abuse, and violence?

Part 1: Interview with Pastor MarySue Brookshire, United Church of Christ, Bay Park, California, about how someone who leads a religious community that includes survivors and perpetrators and as a sexual violence survivor herself makes sense of #metoo after Kavanaugh.
Part 2: Sharon Block (History, University of California, Irvine) on sexual violence in early American history; Danielle McGuire (History, Wayne State University) on how African-American women in the civil rights movement were among the first to surface sexual violence as a political issue; Daphne Brooks (Afro-American Studies, Yale) on what African-American women performers can teach us through art and music about finding our way to a new place of perspective and power.
Part 3: Conversation.