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Episode 1: This moment in our political history has brought up for me family and personal histories of trauma. How do I manage my anxiety?
Where do difficult memories live in our democracy? How do we live with them? What can they teach us?

Part 1: Interview with Suzanne Salzer Yesk, Newport Beach, California, a Hungarian-American Jewish Holocaust survivor for whom the November 2016 unleashed memories, fears, and anxieties long contained.

Part 2: Professor Monica Casper (Gender Studies, U Arizona) on medical and sociological approaches to trauma; Professor Cathy Schlund Vials (Asian-American Studies, U Connecticut) on how Cambodian-American communities manage historical trauma and find resilience; Professor Olivia Chilcote (Luiseno; American Indian Studies, San Diego State University) on how California indigenous communities manage historical trauma and find resilience.

Part 3: Conversation.

Thank you to our promotional sponsor University of Minnesota Press, publisher of thousands of important books by women scholars on American culture and democracy, including Cathy Schlund-Vials's book War, Genocide, and Justice: Cambodian American Memory Work (2012).